Albie Remastered (EP)

by First Year

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After enduring 4 years of bandhood (which included one break-up and a year hiatus), First Year took their initial dive into the world of original music, forever shedding their youthful veneer and laying the foundation for what was yet to come. Albie is First Year's first ever recorded content and only saw a limited release through hard copies. 6 songs saw the whiney punk rockers doing what they do best - complaining about growing up.


released April 12, 2017

James Sanchez, Chris Munoz, Bahjat Masoud



all rights reserved


First Year El Paso, Texas

We play fast music.

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Track Name: The First Place
Never had a question as to whether you would stay Just as you were
But now it’s obvious that things have changed That fancy school’s sure killed your brain
But you went away to university
Got a whole new life far away from me And now you’re back for the world to see But I don’t know you and you don’t know me
You came back with a chip on your shoulder You forgot what you had in the first place Three months and another year older
You forgot who you were in the first place You had time to find yourself out
But you went out, forgot yourself in the first place You had time to figure stuff out
But you got out, Forgot yourself in the first place
You don’t appreciate my kind of life
I wonder if you ever did
You look the same as you did back then But you’re totally a different set of ways
So, you’ll tell your friends about you and me And I’ll disappoint the people that you meet ‘Cuz I’m still the same, the same old me If it’s not you, I pray to God it’s me
Track Name: 7-teen
No one said that seventeen would come this fast
And no one ever said that 16 wouldn’t last
Standing beneath the street light on 52nd
You never thought you wouldn’t recognize your own reflection
You’ll spend a night all alone Hang up the telephone
Search yourself for the answers
No one here’s going to help you While everyone has a plan and you think What am I doing?
You’ll sit and watch as their dreams come true But that’s only because you’re supposed to
But all the while you know you haven’t got any way But if you tried a little harder, then you’d get away
Don’t know much but you know you got to get away Why the hell would you ever want to leave this place But if you did, then where would you ever go Going nowhere else is so much easier you know
No one said that seventeen would come this fast You’re still a kid that’s just living in the past They want something that you know that you can’t give You know it’s true, to them you’re still just a kid
Seventeen starts to feel so far away I never thought I wouldn’t know
Track Name: Special
You keep me down, it keeps you up, I’ve had enough Of this and you, I never did what you want me to I’m done with this
I’m turning off my head, I’ll throw away every book I’ve ever read Just for a second of attention, just to see your face and mention to you It’s all a shame you never learned to play your own game
So I’ll just waste and pass my time and square away at my own mind
Why am I here at all
You really want to know which way I’m going, well So does everyone I know
You’re not special I’m not special We’re not special He’s not special Nothing’s special No one’s special You’re not special
So go ahead and get down
You got me standing here like a stick inside the mud And you’re an animal who like the filth and wallows in it I have one last day to get you out of my head
And go forget all of the things I’ve ever read
I don’t know
Why I’m here
What is the meaning if nothing really matters I’m just a kid without any answers
Track Name: Homesick on the Plane Ride Home
A thousand feet above their heads The words I left behind are left unsaid And there’s a house, a house I know The one in which you live, and I cant go
This ain’t my home no more
The runway stares, it stares right back Its lights are bright but its soul is black The city lights thy call for me
But I look right at my phone and let it ring
Track Name: Phoebe Cates
Your face is on my TV screen ‘Cuz that’s the only place you’ll ever be But I have come around to think You don’t know anything You’re having the time of your life But I don’t care
I have myself to worry about and you, You’ve got yourself
So stop bringing me down
I’ll spend a dollar fifty-nine
To rent that movie just one more time Still you haven’t got a clue
Of what’s up between me and you So I guess I’ll hit rewind
And pause right there